Child Safety Week

School Safety Checklist

School Safety Checklist

  1. Child Protection Policy –   School has a child protection policy addressing bullying, Abuse including Sexual Abuse and Harassment.
  2. Proactive in Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Response – School is proactive in the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Response. They conduct training on child protection, record and respond to incidents relating to interpersonal violence such as bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and discrimination.
  3. School uses recruitment and verification protocol and procedure in place for teaching, non-teaching, contractual, voluntary, and other staff, before they allowed to work with the children.
  4. All teaching, non-teaching, contractual and other staff are trained to be alert to signs and indicators of child abuse.
  5. Parents are oriented about Child Sexual Abuse and Personal Safety Education.
  6. The school has an active and engaged PTA.
  7. Child Safety Posters are on display in prominent locations of the schools.
  8. Students are oriented on Personal Safety Education and imparted knowledge and skill identify, refuse unsafe situations and touches and seek help.
  9. Students are regularly educated on safe usage of technology and how to be a responsible digital citizen.
  10. Reporting protocols are established, known and active. Simply put, there are a clearly laid out procedure and line of reporting for teachers and other members of the staff to be followed, in the events.

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