Child Safety Week

Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Checklist

  1. Educate yourself on Child Sexual Abuse.
  2. Educate everyone in the family about Child Sexual Abuse and involve them in child safety.
  3. Teach your children about Personal Safety Rules – that their body belongs to them, they have the right to say no, and that they call to tell a helping adult if they are unsafe.
  4. Revisit and remind your child that their personal safety is important that you are prepared to believe them if anyone does something that is inappropriate.
  5. Set clear family boundaries around touching.
  6. Occasionally check-in when children are playing out of your sights and be aware of their whereabouts.
  7. Take sensible precautions with people who have access to your children.
  8. Listen and validate your child’s feelings and check in to find out that they are not afraid, confused, uncomfortable under the care of any specific person.
  9. Seek help and advice as soon as there are concerns, instead of waiting for certain evidence of harm.
  10. Know your local resources and how to access them.

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