We had an absolutely enlightening discussion on Online safety on Facebook Live today ranging from cyberbullying to the dark web, from parents not worrying too much about exposing children to the internet to how do you have these conversations specially with adolescents. Here are some tips I summarised:  1. In today’s world having high IQ and EQ is not enough. Parents need to have high TQ as well which is Technology Quotient. : Children know
Educate yourself on Child Sexual Abuse.Educate everyone in the family about Child Sexual Abuse and involve them in child safety.Teach your children about Personal Safety Rules – that their body belongs to them, they have the right to say no, and that they call to tell a helping adult if they are unsafe.Revisit and remind your child that their personal safety is important that you are prepared to believe them if anyone does something that
Child Protection Policy –   School has a child protection policy addressing bullying, Abuse including Sexual Abuse and Harassment.Proactive in Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Response – School is proactive in the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Response. They conduct training on child protection, record and respond to incidents relating to interpersonal violence such as bullying, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and discrimination.School uses recruitment and verification protocol and procedure in place for
Unless homeschooling is an option for you, your child spends a considerable amount of time in school or daycare every day. Hence, it is very important that as parents or caregivers you are aware of the institutional environment. To help you be a more empowered parent, we have put together a few questions that you can pose to your child’s school or daycare toward making it a more conducive space, free from abuse, in general,
Being a parent has never been easy, but it can be even more challenging in this age when dynamic and virtual space has penetrated all facets of our lives. Even if you’re not up on the latest technologies and platforms, you still have an important role — may be the most important — in your kids’ online lives. In order to be safe children need to be aware, identify safe and unsafe behaviour and report
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