What is Child Safety Week?

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Child Safety Week is a people-led movement to raise awareness and encourage collective action towards addressing the issue of Child Sexual Abuse.  An entire week, in the month of November, is dedicated towards highlighting the importance of this issue through conversations and events for child safety. 

1 in 2 children in India are affected by Child Sexual Abuse. Acquiring the right knowledge can play a great role in addressing this issue. It is important to create a dialogue on this issue, take action, and change the narrative around child safety by looking at it through a lens of hope and not fear.

Key dates around children and child rights fall in this week:

  • 14th November: Children’s Day, India
  • 19th November: World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse 
  • 20th November: International Children’s Day

This year, Child Safety Week’s objective is to break the taboo around conversations on Child Sexual Abuse and make such conversations mainstream. We also aim to empower stakeholders to be vigilant and provide a safe environment for children through conversations on social media, webinars and various other activities.

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